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Woodland Surveys

Woodland Surveys can be vastly varied. We can carry out all types of survey and can tailor to specific requirements where required. Some survey types are shown below:


  • Woodland surveys for planning applications – this is a specific type of survey that will cater to the specific needs of the developer and Local Authority Planning department
  • National Vegetation Survey (NVC) Survey – this is carried out by one of our ecologists and can include level 1 and 2 survey information
  • Walkover Survey – this is a fantastic survey for general woodland owners and farmers. It will provide information such as topography, geology, historic features and ecology of the area
  • Transect Survey – this type of survey is suitable for larger woods and forests. The survey will be carried out along designated lines within the woodland/forest and will record features on these lines
  • Quadrat Survey – this type of survey should be used to survey a specific area that requires a greater volume of data recorded
  • B6 and A6 Tariffing Surveys – these are used to obtain information on timber volume within stands