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Three Sisters, Wigan

Three Sisters, Wigan – Wetland Enhancement

Client: Wigan Council 

Final Value: £4,000
Start Date: Dec 2019
Status: Dec 2019


Three Sisters Recreation Area is located in Bryn, Ashton-in-Makerfield. In 2011 it was designated a Local Nature Reserve (LNR). 

The area was reclaimed from three coal mining spoil tips and now comprises a large area of woodland and wetland. It has become a flagship example of brownfield regeneration in Greater Manchester providing the local community and visitors with a gateway into the wider Wigan Flashes Nature Reserve. 

A number of targets were set to enhance and protect the site and enhance its biodiversity. In line with these targets, the LNR management plan recommended periodic work on regenerating scrub. 

CCNW Solution

CCNW’s professional conservation team has extensive experience with all aspects of habitat management. 

For the Three Sisters Recreational Area project, we worked closely with the client to implement a coherent plan which met the client’s and management plan requirements.

The aim of the project was to carry out clearance of pioneer woody vegetation colonising approximately 1ha of the wetland complex. The stumps were treated with herbicide to prevent re-growth whilst the arisings & surrounding brash was collected & chipped.

If left unchecked, the scrub would soon take over and turn valuable wetland habitat into woodland. The aim of our scrub-clearing work was not to remove the scrub entirely but to check its advance so that it doesn’t dominate the habitat.

Although scrub is a high value habitat, the wetland is scarce by comparison and takes priority, while allowing a range of scrub species, ages and structures to be maintained.

CCNW produced method statements demonstrating how the work would be carried out to meet the client’s requirements whilst minimising disturbance to the habitat and wildlife.

The result is a site which has a greatly enhanced wetland complex delivering a range of wetland habitats with the ability to sustain a variety of wildlife.

Special Features

High biodiversity value
Local amenity for the community and visitors
An environmental educational resource
An initial gateway into Wigan’s wetlands and Greenheart


Wetland Enhancement
Habitat Management

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