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South Walney Island Reserve

South Walney Island Reserve

Client: Cumbria Wildlife Trust
Original Value: £26,00
Final Value: £26,00
Start Date: Feb 2015
Start Date: April 2015
Completed 2015
Duration: 6 weeks


South Walney Nature Reserve was formed as a nature reserve in 1963. As an important coastal nature reserve, it contains the largest mixed ground-nesting site for herring and lesser black-back gulls in Europe and is a haven for birds, plants, small animals and associated insects.

CCNW Solution

CCNW’s professional conservation team has extensive experience with all aspects of habitat management.

This project involved significant environmental work at Cumbria Wildlife Trust’s South Walney Nature Reserve near Barrow-in-Furness in Cumbria. This important ecological site covers around 1.35 hectares, part of the larger 130 hectare reserve.

The project involved the creation of new wildlife areas and wetland habitats for the incumbent bird, animal and plant species as well as stripping back the sand dunes back to their original state. The scope of the work included the excavation of over 2000m3 of turf and topsoil which was used to create 1.6m high soil bund walls around the site meaning that no material had to be taken off site. The bund wall has become a habitat for a range of species.

Around 30 shallow wader scrapes have been constructed to provide wetland habitats for wading birds and marine plants. These are connected with the existing pools via furrow channels.

In addition, over 1000m of natural timber fencing has been provided around the newly created wildlife area to better control the cattle and sheep which selectively graze the site.

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