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Tree Surveys

Here at CCNW we have taken a fresh approach in how we, as arboricultural professionals perform our duty. We do not work for our clients we work alongside them in order to achieve the best possible outcome for their developmental requirements. We will always strive to retain as many good quality trees on a new development site in order to maximize the ecological potential and minimize the reduction of canopy cover.

This is where our Developmental Impact on Arboricultural Assets Survey (previously known as an Arboricultural Impact Survey) is a first of its kind. Not only does it encompass the recommendations within BS 5837:2012 Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction – Recommendations which provides the Local Planning authority all information required in order to assess the impact of the development on any tree stock, it also provides the client with current specifications (where required) on any special measures that are required in order to retain trees as part of the development.

This can include such things as geotextile infrastructure within root protection areas, special foundation specifications, methods of installing underground amenities within root protection areas and much more. We work in partnership with some of the UK’s leading suppliers of tree engineering and root protection solutions in order to maximise the potential and safeguard the future of trees within the built environment.